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Women in Radio Science

In 2019, USNC-URSI voted to create the first Women in Radio Science (WIRS) Chapter for any National Committee of URSI. The focus of the WIRS Chapter is to create a community where women and men with interests in Radio Science can meet to encourage and mentor early-career women as well as enable women at all stages in their radio science careers to collaborate and learn from shared experiences.

USNC-URSI considers the WIRS Chapter much the same as any of the ten USNC-URSI Commissions, in that the Chapter has Officers and members. In addition, the WIRS Chapter is charged with inviting prominent women to deliver a presentation at each NRSM and those presentations can be found in our video archive. For information on how to join the USNC-URSI WIRS Chapter, please contact the WIRS Chair, Prof. Reyhan Baktur, at reyhan.baktur@usu.edu.