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Women in Radio Science

In 2019, USNC-URSI voted to create the first Women in Radio Science (WIRS) Chapter for any National Committee of URSI. The focus of the WIRS Chapter is to create a community where women and men with interests in Radio Science can meet to encourage and mentor early-career women as well as enable women at all stages in their radio science careers to collaborate and learn from shared experiences.

USNC-URSI considers the WIRS Chapter much the same as any of the ten USNC-URSI Commissions, in that the Chapter has Officers and members. In addition, the WIRS Chapter is charged with inviting prominent women to deliver a presentation at each NRSM and those presentations can be found in our video archive. A list of past lecturers is shown below, along with their abstracts. Video recordings of the presentations are also available on the Video Archive page. For information on how to join the USNC-URSI WIRS Chapter, please contact the WIRS Chair, Prof. Zoya Popovic, at Zoya.Popovic@colorado.edu.

Dr. Melissa Midzor, The National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network, Boulder, CO

January 2021
"Taking the Leap and the (RF) Path Less Traveled"
Abstract | Video

Dr. Dawn H. Trout, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, FL

January 2022
"Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Transmitter Electromagnetic Compatibility"
Abstract | Video available at the conclusion of the NRSM 2022

Dr. Susan Hagness, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

January 2023
"Radio Science Meets Smart Medicine and Smart Agriculture"
Abstract | Video available at the conclusion of the NRSM 2023