Wednesday, 1/9/2019 
Morning Afternoon
Math 100    LM Special Historical Lecture    
Room 265  J1 Next Generation Very Large Array Design and Development       J2 New Telescopes, Techniques and Technology    
Room 1B40  B2 Nano-electromagnetics and Waveguiding Structures   B3 Antennas for Specialized Platforms: SmallSats, UAVs, and UUVs     B4 Metamaterials and Metasurfaces: Theory & Applications    
Room 200  B1 Antenna Arrays       B5 Antennas    
Room 245  H1 Physics of the Radiation Belts I       H2 Physics of the Radiation Belts II    
Room 105  A1 Channel Sounder Measurements and Verification       AD Passive and Active Device and System Measurements (AD)    
Room 150        K1 Biomedical sensors and devices    
Room 135  C1 Imaging and Distributed Sensing   C2 Array Performance for Transmit and Receive Systems     C3 Radar and Sensor Systems   CDEJ Spectrum Issues and Solutions for Next-Generation Wireless Systems (CDEJ)  
Room 151  G1 Crowd Sourcing for Terrestrial and Planetary Applications   G2 New Application of SmallSat Sensors in Space     G3 Space Plasma Measurement Techniques   GH1 Ionospheric Modification (GH)  
Room 155  F1 Random and Complex Media Models       F2 Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth    
Room 1B51        D1 Submillimeter-Wave/ Terahertz Circuits and Applications    

  Thursday, 1/10/2019 
Morning Afternoon
Math 100  P1 Meeting Highlight Plenary Talks    
Room 265    J3 Radio Emission from Extrasolar Planets  
Room 1B40    BK Wearable, Implants, and Body-Area Networks (BK)  
Room 200    B6 Numerical Methods  
Room 245    H3 Waves and Turbulence in Laboratory and Space Plasmas  
Room 150    K2 RF, Microwave and THz Diagnostics/ Therapeutics  
Room 151    G4 Radar and radio techniques for ionospheric diagnostics  
Room 155    F3 RF Propagation Utilizing Numerical Weather Prediction  
Room 1B51    D2 Components and Circuits for Wireless Applications  

  Friday, 1/11/2019 
Morning Afternoon
Math 100      HL Sixth Hans Liebe Lecture Event    
Room 265  J4 Cosmology and Astrophysics at Low Frequencies I       J5 Cosmology and Astrophysics at Low Frequencies II  
Room 1B40  B8 Analytical and Theoretical Electromagnetics       B10 Low-Profile Antennas from Gigahertz to Terahertz
Room 200  B7 Microstrip and printed devices and antennas   B9 Wireless Communications and Periodic Structures      
Room 245  HEG Lightning and the Ionosphere (HEG)       GH2 Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas (GH)  
Room 105        FGH GNSS and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing (FGH)  
Room 151  G5 New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing        
Room 155  F4 Remote Sensing: Small Satellites and RFI Mitigation       F5 Point-to-point propagation effects: Measurements and Models