Thursday, 1/4/2018 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265  J1 New Telescopes, Techniques and Technology I     J2 New Telescopes, Techniques and Technology II  
Room 1B40  B1 Adv. Theory & Applications of Metamaterials     B3 Complex Media and Metamaterials    
Room 200    B2 Scattering   B4 Antenna Systems: Design and Measurements   B5 Advances in Computational Electromagnetics on Modern Computers  
Room 245  H1 Physics of the Radiation Belts I     H3 Physics of the Radiation Belts II    
Room 105  A1 Antennas   A2 Calibration Techniques   A3 Measurement of Materials and EM Fields   B6 Emerging Applications of Phased Arrays  
Room 150    K1 Implantable and Textile Antennas for Medical Applications   K2 Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves with Biological Systems   B7 Wearable Antennas and Electronics  
Room 135  F1 Surface and Sub-Surface Sensing   F3 Soil Moisture and Land Cover Sensing   F4 Random and Complex Media    
Room 151  GH1 Meteors, Orbital Debris and Dusty Plasmas     G1 New Horizons in Active and Passive Radio Techniques for Geospace Remote Sensing   G2 New RF Data Networks for Global Space Plasma Imaging  
Room 155  F2 Atmospheric and Precipitation Sensing     F5 Remote Sensing from Small Satellites I    
Room 1B51  H2 Non-Earth Magnetospheres        

  Friday, 1/5/2018 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265      J3 ALMA 2030    
Room 1B40      B8 Advanced Analysis, Design & Applications of Waveguiding Structures    
Room 200      B9 3D Printed Antennas    
Room 245      H4 Waves and Turbulence in Space and Laboratory Plasmas I    
Room 105      K3 Imaging and Monitoring in Medical Applications   K4 Therapeutic and Treatment Monitoring Applications  
Room 150      B10 Nonmagnetic and Nonreciprocal Devices    
Room 135      CDE1 Spectrum Issues, Developments, and Solutions    
Room 151      G3 Ionospheric Effects of the Solar Eclipse    
Room 155      F6 Remote Sensing from Small Satellites II   F7 RF Propagation Modeling and Measurements  
Room 1B51      D1 Active Microwave Circuits from RF to THz    

  Saturday, 1/6/2018 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265  J4 The VLBA at 25: Recent Accomplishments and Future Directions     J6 Spectral Line Cosmology and Low-Frequency Arrays    
Room 1B40  B11 Numerical Methods     B15 Antenna Arrays    
Room 200  J5 New Telescopes, Techniques and Technology III       B17 Millimeter-Wave and 5G Antennas and Systems  
Room 245  H5 Waves and Turbulence in Space and Laboratory Plasmas II     HEG1 Lightning and the Ionosphere    
Room 105  B12 Microstrip and Printed Devices and Antennas   B14 Antennas for Specialized Platforms: SmallSats, UAVs, and UUVs   B16 Antenna Development using Additive Manufacturing   B18 Guided Waves and Wireless Propagation  
Room 150  FGH1 GNSS and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing     C1 Advances in Signal Processing and Distributed Sensor Arrays    
Room 135  B13 Electromagnetic Materials and Devices     BGH1 Techniques for Modeling of Waves in Plasmas    
Room 151  G4 Space-Based Ionospheric Measurements   GH2 Ionospheric Modification     G5 Space Plasma Measurement Techniques  
Room 155  F8 RF Propagation Utilizing Numerical Weather Prediction     FEJ1 RFI Mitigation for Remote Sensing    
Room 1B51  D2 Filters and Tunable Microwave Circuits