Wednesday, 1/6/2016 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265  J1 Emerging Instrumentation and Techniques   J2 SKA Technical Development    
Room 1B40  B1 Numerical Methods     B6 Finite Arrays and Antenna Measurements   B11 Wearable Antennas and Electronics  
Room 200  B2 Emerging Applications of Phased Arrays   B5 Reconfigurable Antennas and Circuits   B7 Printed Antennas and Arrays   BD1 Energy Harvesting Rectennas and Back-Ends  
Room 245  H1 Physics of Radiation Belts I     H2 Physics of Radiation Belts II    
Room 105  B3 Complex Media, Propagation and Metasufaces     B8 Scattering    
Room 150  F1 RF Propagation Utilizing Numerical Weather Prediction I     F2 RF Propagation Utilizing Numerical Weather Prediction II    
Room 155  B4 Guided Waves and Waveguiding Structures     B9 3D Printed Antennas    
Room 151  A1 Novel Measurements of EM Materials and Systems     CDE1 Spectrum Issues, Developments, and Solutions    
Room 1B51  C1 Emerging Challenges in Reliability, Distributed Sensing, and Signal Processing     B10 Uncertainty Quantification in CEM and Electronic Design Automation    
Math 100         

  Thursday, 1/7/2016 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265      J3 Digital Developments   J4 New Telescopes, Techniques, and Observations I  
Room 1B40      B12 Advances in Computational EM and Emerging Applications    
Room 200      B13 Antennas for Small Satellites    
Room 245      HG1 Ionospheric Modification and Remote Sensing    
Room 105      B14 Antenna Techniques and Measurements    
Room 150      F3 Methods and Models for Precipitation Sensing    
Room 155      K1 Medical Imaging and Therapy Systems    
Room 151      HE1 Lightning and its Interactions with the Ionosphere    
Room 1B51      C2 Compressive Sensing    
Math 100  P1 Plenary     H3 Waves in Outer Solar System Plasmas   H4 Waves and Instabilities in Laboratory and Space Plasmas  

  Friday, 1/8/2016 
Morning Afternoon
Room 265  J5 Timing and Transients   J6 New Telescopes, Techniques, and Observations II   J7 Atacama Large Millimeter Array - Systems and Science    
Room 1B40  B15 Antenna Design and Measurements     B17 Antenna Arrays    
Room 200  B16 Terahertz Antennas and Applications        
Room 245  HFG1 GNSS, Radio Beacons and Remote Sensing     F6 L-band Microwave Remote Sensing of Land and Ocean Surfaces    
Room 105  GH1 Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas     G1 Space Plasma Measurement Techniques    
Room 150  F4 Nanosatellites for Remote Sensing     F7 Complex and Random Media    
Room 155  K2 Implanted Sensors and Propagation Inside the Human Body        
Room 151         
Room 1B51  C3 Advances in Radar Processing, Measurements, and Modeling Techniques   F5 Propagation Modeling and Measurements      
Math 100