Wednesday  1/9/2013 
Morning Afternoon
Room 105  GHE1 Lightning and its Interaction with the Ionosphere I    
Room 150  F1 Atmospheric and Oceanic Remote Sensing  F2 Passive Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment: In Honor of the Career of Dr. Hans J. Liebe 
Room 151  A1 Antennas: Measurements and Theory   F3 Computational Electromagnetics for Hydrometeors 
Room 155  BK1 Sensors for Independent Living  B2 Antenna Arrays  BK2 Biophotonics 
Room 200     GHE2 Lightning and its Interaction with the Ionosphere II 
Room 245  HGF1 Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing I  HGF2 Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Radio Beacon Remote Sensing II H1 Turbulence in Space Plasmas 
Room 265  EFJ1 Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation and Spectrum Usage  J1 New Telescopes, Techniques, and Observations 
Room 1B40  B1 Complex Media  B3 Antenna Theory, Design and Measurement 
Room 1B51     EF1 RFI Mitigation and High-Power Electromagnetics 
Math 100  GH1 Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas I  GH2 Meteors, Orbital Debris, and Dusty Plasmas II 

  Thursday  1/10/2013 
Morning Afternoon
Room 105     A2 Reverberation Chamber Measurements 
Room 150     F4 Propagation Models and Measurements 
Room 151     D1 Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Applications  D2 Advances in Tunable Filter Theory and Technology 
Room 155     B5 Inverse Scattering  B6 Wideband Antennas 
Room 200     G1 Space Plasma Measurement Techniques I 
Room 245     H2 Physics of the Radiation Belts 
Room 265     J2 Timely Technical Tutorials  
Room 1B40     B4 Numerical Methods 
Room 1B51     CD1 Communications, Radar, and Imaging Systems above 100 GHz 
Math 100  P1 Ernest K. Smith USNC-URSI Student Paper Competition P2 Meeting Highlight: Remote Sensing and Communication Systems in Disaster Mitigation and Response    

  Friday  1/11/2013 
Morning Afternoon
Room 105  H3 Waves in Space and Laboratory Plasmas  A3 Electromagnetic Metrology  
Room 150  F5 Mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction in Support of Wave Propagation Modeling  F6 Waves in Random and Complex Media 
Room 151  D3 THz and Photonic Devices, Circuits, and Applications    
Room 155  B7 Electromagnetic Theory K1 Human Body Interactions with Antennas and Other Electromagnetic Devices 
Room 200  G2 Space Plasma Measurement Techniques II  G3 Space Weather Events and Assimilative Models I  G4 Space Weather Events and Assimilative Models II 
Room 245  HG1 Ionospheric Modification I  HG2 Ionospheric Modification II   
Room 265  J3 Detection of Short-Duration Transients  BJ1 Developments in Array Technology for Radio Astronomy 
Room 1B40  BC1 Cognitive Radio     
Room 1B51  C1 Radar Remote Sensing and Target Detection  C2 Processing for Sensor and Mobile Networks